Thursday, March 19, 2009

New New New!!

I'll be adding these to their appropriate price points later, but wanted to give you a preview of what I've been working on!!

I love this ribbon! Its the same pattern as the orange above and a black/white that is below!

Small brown bow, brown/white accents, sparkly pink bow in middle.

Med-Lg brown pinwheel with green/brown boutique bow

I love how this yellow pinwheel turned out!

Black silky pinwheel, pink/black plaid loops, pink/black bandanna pinwheel.

Black silky pinwheel, white accents, black/white accents, and red, black, white curly-q

Turned sideways so you can see the blue/white polka dots


Simple and small $2

This pic looks funny, but the bow is super cute!

LOVE this ribbon!

Small brown pinwheel, leopard loops, cream elastic bow in middle

Brown/green/blue pinwheel

Bright and fun!

Love the orange!

Turned out so cute! 2 sided ribbon (zebra and pink)

pink and purple for Easter

Brown/pink/khaki piggy tail bows with curly-qs!

Pink/brown damask boutique bows with brown accents behind

Light brown with sparkle pink, brown/white loops and pink/brown/khaki bows with pink flower
LOVE these sassy bows! Brown pinwheels, pink accents, brown/pink polka dots

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Doggie bows:

Doggie bows are about the size of the piggy tail bows and fun $3-$5 depending on the detail!
Rustee wasnt likin' it so much!

Other crafts:

Personalized treat jar: $15

Bow Holders:




Easter bows are here!!

How cute are these?!?

Tutus are here!!!!

Toddler Tutu: $20
Toddler tutu with ribbon: $25
Infant tutu: $15
Infant tutu with ribbon $18
Tutu headband: $8
How much fun is this?!?