Monday, February 23, 2009

My first head model!!!!!

5 day old Gracie Jo in a KK's Bow!!!!!!!!!!!
She went to the Drs today and wore this bow and got SO many comments. So, when I went to see her, we HAD to put it back on for a couple of pics. Nothing like a little baby with a bow bigger than her head!!! LOVE IT!!


This bow was made for a corsage for Kenia's baby shower. She is having TWINS, a boy and a girl, so we did a lot of mixing of colors!!

The best part is that she can snip off the blue, pink, yellow things that are hanging in the back and have a great Easter bow for her little girl! Congrats Kenia...we cant wait to hold your sweet babies!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Gladdy Creations

Please also check out Leah's creative outlet, Gladdy Creations! She is SO talented. We learned how to do bows together and she sat with me while I made my first several, that I am taking apart b/c they were NOT good!

She also makes bows, but she also makes hooded towels good for toddlers, burp rags, and A-DOR-able custom outfits. I hope that I can learn to sew as good as she does (and as good as her mom!) one day!!!

We are both saving for an embrodery machine so that we can venture out into deeper craft world! We are going to be joining together to do a couple of craft fairs coming up in March and April...we will keep you posted as those get closer!!!! Stop by and send Leah some lovin'!

Piggy Tail Bows






For Piggie Tail bows:
-$5 for 2 small simple bows
-$6 for 2 small bows with 2 or more ribbons
-$8 for 2 small FANCY bows with a lot of layers or curly-q

$4 Bows

$4 bows are basic pinwheel or boutique bows made out of 1 ribbon (usually solid color). These can go for $8 or more in stores! They can be small or as large as you would like!

$5 Bows

$5 bows are basic bows (pinwheel or boutique bows) that are made with 1 ribbon. They are a little more than the $4 bows because of the ribbon that is used. (The first 2 pics are $5 bows because they are small and they used "different ribbon")

$6 Bows

$6 bows are medium to medium small bows that use a couple of different ribbons

$7 bows

$7 bows are medium bows that have a "more expensive" ribbon than the $6 bows. They are similar in size and the number of different patterns used, but cost a little more because of the ribbon used.

$8 bows

$8 bows are Medium/Large bows that have several ribbons involved, but not as much going on as the $10 bows!

$10 Bows

The $10 bows are large and use a LOT of different kinds of ribbon. The ones above are all similar in design, but they don't have to be! Bows like this sell for $16 in speciality boutiques. Let me know what you are interested in!

Grand Opening!

So, welcome to KK's BOW-tique! I recently started making hair bows and found that I love it! I have SO much fun putting combination of ribbons together and trying new things! My bows are VERY reasonably priced and just as cute as you can buy at a boutique.

I can do custom orders. If you see a ribbon that you would like me to use or know what colors you need, let me know and I can make something for you!

Payment is easy, just leave me a comment with your email address or send me an email and I can contact you via pay-pal when the time comes to pay.

I will be making tutu's soon and will get pics up when I have some made. Thanks so much for stopping by!! We are trying to raise money for IVF and every little bit helps (see my other blog for more info on that) plus this gives me a creative outlet!!