Friday, July 2, 2010

Felt, Feathers, & Flowers!!

Look what's new at KK's!!!!  Here are a FEW pics of the felt, feathers, & flowers that are available to use with an interchangeable headband.  Check out our facebook fan page to see more pics!

Headbands are made w/ ribbon color of your choice and then have a LOOP so that you can interchange and felt, feather, flower, or bow!!!


add ribbon to customize felt flowers
mix & match colors
felt circles, too!

Triple felt circles in ivory, taupe, and brown

triple felt flowers in blue, tan, and brown

add ribbon AND bling to felt
Or my fave...add tulle!!

or add tulle AND beads!

add feathers to felt!
feather clip on that lays flat to head
(saw this selling for $80 in a mag)

Feather clip on for headband

I saw this in the same mag selling for over $100.  So, I went to Hob Lob and re-created it! 
Vintage ivory rosette with tulle ribbon and free flowing feathers

with brown tulle ribbon and brown feathers
clip right into hair or on a band

Double rosette with feathers
in antique gold/ivory

in red

Single rosette with feather

Check out the new flowers with POLKA DOTS!!!
black/white with button middle
Simple bright pink w/ bling
Light pink with button center

More colors available!!!

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Anonymous said...

Kristina you have done a great job its looking amazing.
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